Who ARE you??

Pearl & Erin

My name is Erin and Pearl's Corner was created over 29+ years ago in the heart of an 80's/90's child's love for vintage clothing. 

I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington.  My life, up to age 34, was lived out on the lakes, rivers, mountains, and trails of the Pacific Northwest. I love everything about my home state. 

Unfortunately, tragedy struck me in 2013.  My entire world dropped out from under me, and grief consumed me for years. My life in Spokane no longer gave me joy. I was consumed in a deep black ick, which I couldn't see my way out of.  I was on the verge of a complete breakdown/end of life. 

In 2015, a couple years after my tragedy, loss of my stable job, and feeling like I was existing in the upside down, I decided to move.  An opportunity came up for me to help open a coffee shop.........in Delaware (DelaWHERE???).  Yep Delaware.  I packed up my house, put it up for rent, shoved a few belongings into my Tahoe, and buckled my 15-year-old cat Ari into the front seat.  I headed out East to hopefully learn to "Just Breathe" again. It took many more years, but "Just Breathe" I did. 

So, here I am 10 years post loss and 8 years after moving to Delaware.  The coffee shop, Drifting Grounds, is open and thriving in a fantastic 100+ year old feed barn that my new partner's family & friends have been renovating since 2019. The Summer of 2022 I took a huge step for myself and opened the vintage store.  Pearl's Corner occupies a small 300' space in this building next to the coffee shop.  Pearl's Corner is a bit vintage, a little retro, lots of gently loved items, but a whole lot of cool shit!

This is me breathing, healing, learning, growing, and most of all, balancing new love and heavy grief into tomorrow.